Get in touch with your kinky side using Scandal’s Bed Restraints.  It comes with 4 cuffs with universal clasps and 4 tethers that can be tied around the bed or other house hold furniture.  The cuffs are lined with soft faux suede on the inner lining. soft cushioning in the middle. and red and black designer fabric on the outside.  They are double stitched for durability.  A universal clasp can be found on each cuff.  They look and feel luxurious.  

Spread your lover’s legs wide open on the bed.  The tethers can be tightened to adjust its length.  The cuffs are detachable so you can change positions any time.  The cuffs and tethers makes any lover look enticing and appealing.  Pair these restraints with spreader bars. floggers. crops. or paddles to spice things up. The cuffs can also be used independently as solo wrist or ankle cuffs without the tethers. 

Ask for your partner’s consent before tying them up.  Remember to decide on a safe word and play responsibly.  

This product has a 1 year manufacturers warranty through CalExotics

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