HUSTLER® Bed Spreader Restraint Set



Our HUSTLER® Bed Spreader Restraint Set fits underneath your mattress for quick and easy bondage fun whenever you want it!  It comes with 17.4 inch adjustable cuffs and 55 inch straps.  It offers up tons of position possibilities and is a must have for adventurous bondage-loving couples and people who don’t have bed posts. The restraints are incredibly user friendly and set up is easy. Just slide the straps under your mattress either from top to bottom or side to side to customize your playtime. The straps are adjustable so it will fit any size mattress. The cuffs have a velcro closure so they will fit most wrist sizes and can be easily removed if necessary. When you are finished playing. you can just tuck the cuffs under the mattress so they are ready for your next kinky adventure.

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