MOD Xtreme Power Engine 2.0



The Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 by 665 Inc. is more powerful than its predecessor.  It is 20 inches long. 17 inches wide. and 11 inches tall.  It comes with an add on bar for extra-long barrel length. detachable fuck gun with adjustable hand grip. locking attachment plug. rotary knob. angle clip. control dial. suction cups. and metal stand.  The whole machine with packaging is 15 pounds.  

Increase or slow down the speed of its thrusts with the turn of a dial.  It has a minimum RPM of 38 and a max RMP of 176 with a stroke range length of 2 inches.  Xtreme Power Engine 2.0’s fuck gun can be detached for entertaining you or your guests without the stand.  

This sex machine has an adjustable base and top for all of your pleasurable positions.  Use the clip to change the angle of the base.  The rotary knob adjusts the top angle of the machine.  It has strong suction cups on the bottom of each foot.  It will hold and attach on to any non-porous surface.  

A lock compatible plug holds all of your accessories in place. even under pressure.  Attach the add-on bar for extra length.  

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