Master Series Subversion Deluxe Stockade w/ Sex Machine



Secure your playmate in a sultry. horizontal fortress. This station enables them to lie face-down instead of standing upright or on their knees. It’s the perfect choice for those who wish to unite contemporary dungeon-style confinement systems and doggy-style penetration! Included with the stronghold is a compatible sex machine that attaches to the stockade or can be operated manually. The stockade is crafted from strong steel and holds up to vigorous play and extended sessions. The waist/hip cushion is slanted with a posterior tilt too. elevating the booty and facilitating access to that blissful spot (G-spot. A-spot or P-spot)! Bind your sub with all 10 nylon straps. two per limb. one for the back and waist. The head hangs off the C-shaped neck rest. There are also four cuff attachment points on each of the arm rests. This stockade can be adjusted to fit various torso lengths. All the cushions are plush and padded and

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