Oxballs Cocksling 2

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The Cocksling 2 by Oxballs supports and enhances your erection & balls.  It is 2 inches long and 1.1 inches wide with 1 inch openings.  This material stretches and fits around the base of the penis and around the ball sack.  It is made of soft. stretchy Flex TPR material.  This cocksling is comfortable to wear.  It keeps your erection hard by gripping around the veins on the base of the penis.  The bottom opening gives your balls a firm tug. increasing your sensitivity in that area when you are aroused.   It comfortably grips and supports your junk without cutting off your circulation.  This Cocksling boosts up your package to enhance a better looking bulge.  Wear it with form fitting clothes to enhance your look.  Use it during sex or masturbation to increase your arousal.    

Stretch the ring open with your fingers and bring it down. around the shaft with the bottom opening facing down.  Adjust the ring around the shaft and slip each testicle one at a time through the bottom ring.  Adjust the ring for your comfort.  Your package will feel totally secure and your erection boosted up by the curve of the Cocksling 2.

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