LoveBotz Deluxe Bangin’ Bench



For endless possibilities for a really horny person who’s ready for pound town and beyond is the LoveBotz Deluxe Bangin’ Bench. Steel metal frames hold in place padded panels as well as hoisting up a removable sex machine. You can adjust the bench into different positions to match what mood you find yourself in. Use the sex machine to go to pound town. Use the connected remote to control the functions of the machine as you position the dildo and yourself into the right spot. It comes with multiple speeds and functions for you to customize your experience. You could even go as fast as 195 thrusts in 1 minute. More possibilities are welcomed too when the machine is taken away and you use the bench with a lover. Use the positioning straps and padding of the bench to switch things up. The durable steel frames hold up to 220 pounds. The dildo is made up of a lifelike TPE material.

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