Explore BDSM restraints with the Scandal Hog Tie.  It comes with 12 inch straps and 4 restraints with up to 14.5 inch circumference.  The cuffs are red and black with fantasy-inspired detailing on the exterior lining of each cuff.  They are adjustable with Velcro fasteners.  The interior padding of the restraints are plush and soft.  The cuffs have universal Clasps and O-rings. allowing changing positions in a matter of seconds.  These cuffs are versatile and can be converted to individual wrist or ankle cuffs.   

Scandal Hog Tie can be easily applied and removed with its Velcro fasteners.  Engage in intimate exploration with the one you trust.  This restraint will make its user feel irresistibly sexy even in such a vulnerable position.  It is comfortable to wear around wrists and ankles. even as the user stretches and twists in pleasure.  Please play responsibly. ask for consent from your partner and create a safe word.

 A standard 1-year warranty applies on all CalExotics Products.  Visit their website for more details.

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