PinkCherry Pinky The Love Plug in Medium



Generally speaking. the combination of pretty pink glitter and everyone’s favorite anal toy has probably never even occurred to you. Hey. you’re not alone there! Lucky for all us butt play lovers with an eye for glitz and glam. Pinky The Love Plug is here to make the connection between beauty and butt plugs. Finally!

Sliding smoothly into place (specifically. into your or a partner’s butt). Pinky The Love Plug is just the thing for novice anal players. Silky-sleek at the tip and manageably filling below. this classic tapered plug provides a sexy stretch along with plenty of anal sweet spot stimulation. 

Now. exactly where (you might be wondering). does all that glitter business come into play? Like any good butt toy. Pinky features a big. widespread circular base that helps prevent any too-deep slips. That base is studded through with a pretty. sparkly pink faux diamond. Classy!

Aside from being able to flaunt some booty beauty. you’ll be able to play worry free. and also insert. remove and adjust the plug comfortably. A slim neck at the bottom keeps everything nice and secure.

In seamless silver aluminum. PinkCher’s Pinky The Love Plug is safe for sensitive skin. Extremely easy to clean. a must-have feature of any good quality anal toy. this plug will be squeaky clean after a thorough scrub using warm soapy water or a good antibacterial toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with all lubricant types. Avoid abrasive surfaces to keep this plug in play-ready shape for the long haul.

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