PinkCherry Syringe Lube Applicator Set



Quickly dispensing a favorite lubricant with no muss and definitely no fuss. PinkCherry’s Lube Applicator Set includes two firm syringes sizes nice and slim for comfy precision use.

Neatly applying a chosen slippery fluid to chosen areas (anal or otherwise). the two identical Applicators were designed for easy one-handed functionality. Each is nice and long at about 3.4 inches (8.6cm) insertable. they reach deep to allow total coverage and maximum friction-free comfort.

To use. remove the soft tip and fill by lifting the the handle. Depress to release. Additionally. the Applicators could be used for a quick clean up pre-play.

In body safe ABS plastic. the Applicators clean easily using warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any lubricant.

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