Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit


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The Shock Therapy Kit by Fetish Fantasy is easy to use and will massage and entice your muscles in whole new ways.

This kit comes with 1 digital power control unit. 4 electro-pads. and 4 leads that deliver 3 pulsation patterns at increasing levels – allowing you to customize your experience each time you use it.  The digital power control unit requires 2 AAA batteries.   We recommend pairing this kit with some thick water based lubricant or electrosex gel to increase conductivity. 

Direct electro-stimulation to the muscles makes the muscle contract and then relax to relieve tension. If you didn’t get the hint – an orgasm is a series of muscle contractions!  When applied on all the right areas. a fresh kind of orgasm via e-stim can be achieved.  

This product has a 90 day manufacturers warranty through Pipedream

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