Clear Silicone Nipple Suckers



These Clear Plunger Silicone Nipple Suckers by Master Series will grab your nipples and suck you in.  They are made of clear silicone material.  The opening diameter of the small set is 1.2 inches and can accommodate up to 1.8 inches of width.  The small set has an insertable depth of 1 inch.  The large set has an opening diameter of 1.6 inches with an insertable depth of 1.3 inches.  The large set can accommodate up to 2.3 inches in width.  

These nipple suckers help increase the nipples in size and increase sensitivity.  The powerful suction creates a vacuum around the nipple.  It pushes air out and sucks your nipples in.  Blood pools into the nipple area. increasing sensitivity.  These suckers are perfect for foreplay and stimulating your partner.

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