Whip Smart Hog Tie




  • Fully padded. velcro cuffs for ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable straps for a more customized experience
  • Perfect for dominant/submissive exploration


Whip Smart’s Hog Tie is extra versatile and allows you to explore your dominant/submissive sides with multiple variations of restraint play. The Hog Tie makes for a much simpler method of tying up that special someone. No having to fumble with bondage ropes and hoping your knots hold. Included is 4 pairs of soft velcro cuffs that are easy to get into and out of. plus adjustable connector straps holding everything together. The cuffs can be used in any combination.

The Whip Smart Hog Tie is designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and support to achieve new sexual positions with ease and confidence. leaving all the focus on pleasure.

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