PinkCherry Mild To Wild Jeweled Anal Trainer Kit



Always ready to play (very!) nice with butt play beginners. novices. aficionados and everything in between. the PinkCherry Mild To Wild Jeweled Anal Trainer Kit trio was specifically created to. ahem. stretch the boundaries of anal play. Plus. it’s gorgeous.

Inside. you’ll find three classically tapered. sparkle-based plugs in lilac silicone. They’re each shaped for easy insertion. quick adjustments and removal. but the similarities stop there. Thickness-wise. the plugs are very different. all the better to help you a) work up to or b) dive right into butt play bliss. Just a note: even the ‘wildest’ Mild to Wild Plug is extra manageable. size-wise. so this is truly a great place for newcomers to start.

Speaking of. if you’re just beginning to explore the potential pleasures of anal play. start with the smallest. Feel free to move up to the medium and large from there. or stick with the little one. it’s completely your call.

In high end silicone. the plugs inside the Mild To Wild Jeweled Anal Trainer Kit are completely body safe. hypoallergenic and extra easy to clean. Before and after playtime. rinse them well under plenty of warm soapy water. or use a great quality toy care fluid/foam/mist. if you’d prefer. The plugs are compatible with any favorite water based lubricant. but please keep them away from silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products.

*Measurements list the smallest plug. at 2/5cm insertable and .75/1.9cm thick. The Large is about 3.5/cm insertable and 1.2/3cm thick. The Medium is about 2.5/6.4cm insertable and .8/2cm thick. 

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