PinkCherry I Heart You Anal Plug in Small



When you or your partner are in the mood for some butt play love. fun in the bum. backdoor bliss. whatever you call it. there are a few things you’ll need to make sure that you or you and your partner have a really. really good time. First and foremost. you’ll need lube. Lots and lots of lube! Then. in no particular order. you’ll need some time to relax. great communication with your partner (if one is involved). and. to bring us straight to our glittery point. the right tool for the job. On that note. we proudly present the PinkCherry I Heart You Plug.

Though it’s great for most anal experience levels. the Small is a perfect choice for anyone new to anal penetration. A gentle taper stretches and stimulates without overwhelming newly explored openings. plus. the nice wide heart-shaped base prevents any too-deep slips. Speaking of bases. a pretty crystal is embedded in this one- it’ll peek from between the cheeks once the plug’s in place.

In slick. extra durable aluminum. the Small is extremely hygienic. It’s easy to clean before and after playtime using lots of warm soapy water or a goof toy care fluid/foam. Your Plug is completely safe to use with any favorite lubricant. be it water. silicone or a hybrid – plus. thanks to the nonporous nature of aluminum. you’ll probably find yourself needing less than usual. Keep your Plug inside the included storage pouch when not in use to keep it safe from nicks and scratches.

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