Lube Tube Applicator 2 Pack in Blue



Ah. lube! When it comes to all sorts of sexy doings. it’s usually the unsung hero. Fact is. a great lubricant can be crucial to comfort and pleasure. It’s the slip to your slide. the friction-banisher. the anal-sex must have. the hand-job helper and much. much more. CalExotic’s Lube Tube set was created to help you or you and your partner get all that moisturizing goodness exactly where it needs to go.

There are 2 simple syringe type applicators included. both identical in size and shape. Pop the silicone cap off the tip and pull up on the handle to fill. Next. position your Lube Tube inside or over-top of a particular lube-craving body area and push down on the plunger. No muss. no fuss!

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