Gender X Lustrous Galaxy Glass Wand



Ever find yourself in the mood for something a little – or a lot – firmer when it comes to your toys? Listen. to all our softie sex toys – we’ll love you always. but sometimes. only a stiff one will do. A very stiff one. Dare we say – a glass one? If you’re on the same page. you’ll want to take a nice hard look at Gender X’s Lustrous Galaxy Glass Wand

Featuring some serious sturdiness that’ll warm to your/their body heat in a flash (or. you can pre-warm or cool it!). this curvy. sweet-spot seeking. and downright gorgeous double sided dildo is as versatile as it is ridiculously pleasurable. Tipped by two swollen tapers. one curved outward and one showcasing some beaded bumpiness below. the shimmery Galaxy can delve nice and deep or comfortably shallow to stretch. massage and stimulate.

Perfect for all manners of sweet-spot seeking. it’s just the thing for g-spot or prostate massage. and the natural weightiness is great for anyone seeking a nice full feeling. No matter which end you’re enjoying (or helping your partner enjoy). the opposite lends a reliable grip for just-right thrusting. twisting and tugging.

In nonporous. hypoallergenic. shatter proof Pyrex glass. the Lustrous Galaxy Glass Wand is extra sturdy. ultra durable. and. if you treat it right. could last a lifetime. Luckily. glass is very low maintenance. Warm water and mild soap will keep things squeaky clean before and after playtime. but you can also boil or bleach your glass toy for super-thorough sanitizing. Store carefully to avoid chipping or scratches. The Galaxy is safe to use with any favorite lubricant.

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