Fetish Fantasy Ltd The Pegger



A soft. comfortable user friendly  harness packing a perfectly curvy dildo shaped ideally for pegging play. the Pegger is a perfectly beginner friendly set for anal experimentation. Small and slim for a non-threatening introduction to backdoor penetration. the soft jelly dildo is tapered for easy entry. and deliciously up-angled to reach the prostate. otherwise known as the male g-spot.

Sitting sturdily in the fully adjustable harness (just slide it into the opening in the fabric yoke). the dildo is easy to maneuver. and can be used alone. if you’re not into strapping it on. The harness itself is simple and user friendly. coming fully assembled. so all you’ll need to do it tighten up the straps to fit snugly around waist and thighs. Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants. Fits most.

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