Pumped Rose Gold Breast Pump Set




  • Enhances breast sensitivity
  • Rose gold pump handle and perfume pink hose
  • 2 Suction Cups


Enhance sensitivity and surface area of your breasts with the Rose Gold Breast Pump Set by Pumped!  Use it before having sex with your lover or use it solo before playtime.  Using this pump pulls more blood to circulate in the breast and nipple areas. making them more sensitive.  A lover’s mouth around the nipples after pumping will feel like the first time all over again.  The suction cups are detachable from the hose.  Detach the hose from the suction cups after pumping. then place a vibrator on the suction cups to deliver vibrations through the whole breast. This is one of many ways the user can enjoy this product.

How to use:

Place pump over water-based lubricated breast.  Slowly squeeze the pump handle to bring the blood forward and increase the surface area.  Stop pumping at a comfortable suction.  Remove the hose from the suction cups to leave the cups. or remove the suction cups by pressing the release button to remove pressure. 

Enjoy solo or with a partner.

Avoid pumping for over 20+ minutes.  

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